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Go Into the Third Century of Service Four Generations of Faircloughs


Napoleon Bonaparte Fairclough emigrated from England and founded a Coal Business in Paterson, New Jersey


N.B. Fairclough, Jr. moved to The Morris Canal on Barclay Street in Paterson, New Jersey to receive coal by barge for re-sale


N.B. Fairclough, Jr. moved to 800 East 27th Street, Paterson, New Jersey to obtain rail access to accept coal directly from the coal mines after World War I with a 10,000 ton coal storage facility. Retail coal sales were delivered by 24 wagons and 48 horses, also wholesaled to 60 coal dealers


John Homer Fairclough succeeded his father. Just before World War II he replaced the horses with a large fleet of motorized chain-driven Mack trucks


John Henry Fairclough succeeded his father. He established a retail fuel distributor network, eventually acquiring 30 other fuel oil and coal companies


John, James & Andrew Fairclough joined their father in the family business


Opened Fairclough Fuel. This new distribution center was opened to better serve the rural area of northern New Jersey. Located at 91 Hampton House Road, Route 206, Newton, New Jersey, this deposit retails coal, oil, diesel, propane and operates a gas station


Fairclough Fuel - N.B. Fairclough & Son, Inc. - Strand Fuel. One of the largest distributors of coal, heating oil, diesel fuel and gasoline from the Hudson to the Delaware
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