Baby, it’s Cold Outside: Stay Safe this Winter!

Brrrr, it feels like Jack Frost has turned it up a notch in the last few weeks! At Fairclough Fuel, we strive to keep our customers happy, safe, and comfortable in the winter, and there are some important safety measures you should take to protect you and your family during extreme winter conditions.


Winter Safety Tips:


  • Clear a path: It’s important to clear pathways in front of your home to keep you, your family, postal workers, and emergency services safe from slipping and falling. It also helps your friends at Fairclough Fuel in case we need to service your fuel tank! If you can’t do it yourself, call a neighbor or friend!


  • Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms: Make sure the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are replaced and are working properly, so these devices can ensure maximum home comfort and safety.


  • Know emergency contacts: In case of emergencies, it’s crucial to have a plan. Make sure you have your local police station and fire department’s contact information, as well as any family or friends that might be able to help!


Customers have trusted Fairclough Fuel for reliable deliveries and service for over 160 years. Your satisfaction is our top priority not only during blizzards, but year-round. If you are interested in our fuel delivery services, contact us or call (973) 383-5832.