These Tips Will Prepare You for Winter!

Winter is almost here and it’s important that your home can keep you warm against the freezing temperatures Mother Nature is sure to bring. Protect yourself and get prepared for the winter when you follow these tips from your friends at Fairclough Fuel. 

Get Ready for The Winter Season:

1) Make sure your home has enough fuel – At Fairclough Fuel, we offer reliable heating oil deliveries. You never have to worry about being without fuel because our drivers are dependable and make sure to get your fuel to you as soon as possible.


2) Enroll in a budget plan  – We understand how expensive this time of year could be with the holidays coming up. Divide your fuel costs for the year into equal monthly payments with our budget plan! That way, you keep your home warm and can still get your kids the gifts they want.


3) Caulk Your Windows  – This is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep the warm air from your heating system inside your home and prevent cold drafts.


4) Wrap Your Pipes – Before you wrap presents, wrap your pipes to avoid frozen, cracked pipes and heat loss.


Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and when you follow these four tips your home will be ready to face the cold winter season! For more information and to schedule a fuel delivery, contact or call Fairclough Fuel at (973) 383-5832 so we can get started.