Why Isn't Your House Staying Warm?

Winter is in full swing, which means it's the time of the year when homeowners throughout the Northern New Jersey area depend heavily on their furnaces and boilers. With your heating system working overtime, issues can occur that weaken its efficiency and result in a home that isn't staying warm. These issues range from small to big problems, but there are things homeowners can keep an eye out for to help diagnose the issue early.

Our experts at Fairclough Fuel put together this list of a few possible causes as to why your home isn't heating correctly.

A dirty or blocked air filter can keep the heated air from reaching the areas where you need it most. During the heating season, we recommend your air filters are changed once a month. Many homeowners can do this on their own, or you can have one of our technicians replace it for you on their next service visit.

Poor home insulation is not directly tied to your home heating system, but if the insulation inside your home is old or worn out, the warmed air will escape, and the cold air will get in. New insulation will help protect against pesky cold drafts. 

Outdated equipment will heat your house much less efficiently, so if you have a system that is 10 or 20 years old, it is time to call Fairclough Fuel for to upgrade to a new energy-efficient heating system.

This is an excellent time to upgrade your home heating system thanks to the tax credits and rebates announced for energy-efficient upgrades. No matter the issue, Fairclough Fuel is ready to help get your system running in tip-top shape! For questions or to request a service, contact us here.