Heating Oil is Fairclough’s Fuel

At Fairclough Fuel, we deliver clean and efficient home heating oil so you and your family can stay comfortable all winter long. Heating Oil is beneficial to homeowners across Northern New Jersey, with equipment efficiency ratings up to 95%, and 20% savings on your annual energy bills when you upgrade your system.

Heating oil is safe, and helps you reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, gas units are associated with 92% of CO deaths in the home versus oil units involved in only one-tenth of that. Heating oil is also so clean that it isn’t even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act!

About 6.4 million households in the United States use Oilheat. Heating oil is abundant, and you never have to worry about running out. Imagine this: It’s winter, and you just walked into your home, shivering because the temperature is below freezing outside. Suddenly, your skin isn’t cold anymore and you begin to walk around your house comfortably, because the heat feels better than ever before. Heating oil is safe and clean and provides you high-quality warmth.

You’re in great hands when you choose Fairclough Fuel as your heating oil company. We deliver your fuel promptly and with great care. The benefits are endless when it comes to heating oil. Have any questions regarding our delivery service? Contact us here. We’re happy to serve you!