Dyed Diesel vs Regular Diesel Fuel: Top Questions Answered


Are thinking about using dyed diesel to fuel your construction project? Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between dyed diesel fuel and regular diesel fuel to help you make informed choices.


What is Dyed Diesel?

Dyed diesel is regular diesel fuel with a red dye added to identify it for off-road use only. It’s typically exempt from road taxes because it’s not intended for powering vehicles on public roads.


What is Regular Diesel Fuel?

Regular (clear) diesel fuel is taxed for highway use. It powers trucks, buses, and other on-road diesel vehicles.


Can I Use Dyed Diesel in My Truck?

No! Using dyed diesel in an on-road vehicle is illegal and can result in hefty fines. Authorities use roadside tests to detect dyed diesel, making it easy to identify violations.


Why is Dyed Diesel Cheaper?

The lack of road taxes makes dyed diesel cheaper than regular diesel. However, its use is restricted to off-road equipment like generators, farm machinery, and construction equipment.


Is Dyed Diesel Different Besides the Color?

In most cases, dyed diesel is identical to regular diesel in terms of performance and quality. The dye itself doesn’t affect the fuel’s properties.


Where Can I Buy Dyed Diesel?

Dyed diesel is proudly sold in northern New Jersey by Fairclough Fuel! We are happy to deliver the off-road diesel fuel you need to your jobsite, whether that be on a farm or construction project. Visit our services page and contact us for more information.