Beat the Rush: Top Off Your Fuel Tank Before Summer!

There’s nothing like springtime in Northern New Jersey, and while you’re enjoying the sunshine and spring breeze, it might be easy to forget about heating oil. But here at Fairclough Fuel, we recommend keeping your tank full during the warmer season. Here’s why:


  • Save money: Heating oil prices tend to be lowest during the warmer months when the demand is lower, which can potentially save you from fluctuating heating oil prices later on.

  • Preventive maintenance: A full tank helps minimize condensation within the tank, which can lead to rust and sediment buildup. This can reduce the risk of damage and further problems when the heating season comes around in the fall.

  • Peace of mind: When you fill up now, you avoid the stress of scheduling a delivery when demand and prices spike in early autumn.


Fairclough Fuel makes keeping your tank topped off throughout the year convenient and hassle-free. Contact us today to learn about our fuel delivery options and budget plans for added home comfort and savings.