Using Heating Oil Means Efficient Home Heating

At Fairclough Fuel we know all the great things about heating oil and the equipment it powers. One of the most important factors is an oil-fired furnace or boiler’s efficiency rating.

Today’s oil-fired home heating equipment boasts efficiency ratings as high as 95%! This means at least 95% of the fuel burned is turned into usable heat - so you’re spending less on heating costs than you would with less efficient, outdated equipment. 

When you use heating oil from Fairclough Fuel to heat your home you are…

●      Saving on fuel and heating costs

●      Supporting your community’s economy

●      Relying on a fuel that’s safe, abundant and reliable

Best of all, we’re always delivering high-quality heating oil at the lowest prices available! For will-call heating oil delivery, look no further. Place your order online today or contact us to learn more about the benefits of heating oil.