How to Prepare for This Year's Heating Season

With summer flying by, it's important to make sure you have everything ready to stay warm and comfortable during the chilly months ahead. Fairclough Fuel offers a variety of services to help keep you safe and prepared for even the coldest weather.

Fuel Delivery

Whether you need heating oil, coal, diesel or kerosene, Fairclough Fuel is your go-to company for prompt, reliable fuel deliveries. Having a full fuel supply not only keeps your tank healthy and prevents corrosion, but it also ensures you have the warmth you need in case the weather gets cold sooner than expected.

New System Upgrades

If your heating system needs frequent repairs, provides inconsistent temperatures or causes spikes in your energy bill, don't try to stick it out for another heating season. Fairclough Fuel can help you install a new heating system to ensure everything is correctly in place and working properly.

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